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Yes, you're coming to Hawai`i for the sun and the surf and even the shopping - but there's lots more to do and places to see here! Even if you want to experience the Other Hawai`i, you may not know how to find the information you need.

That's why we're here - to help you plan a great trip! Here are just a few questions to ask:
Who can take us kayaking/hang-gliding/parasailing/kiteboarding safely?
Is it possible to hike into Haleakala? Climb Mauna Kea? Can I go inside one of the observatories? Are there amateur astronomical groups holding star parties?
Where can I find a licensed captain to take me out in a safe and responsible manner to see the whales breaching or dolphins playing? A geologist to take us into the volcano? A diving instructor who's comfortable working with novices? Someone to take me bird-watching?
I want to learn more about sugar plantation life - visit a botanical garden - take a walking tour through Chinatown. Where do I go to get more information about high-end craft fairs & bargain flea markets?
Where can I get some "real" Hawaiian food? Where can I go to hear Hawaiian music? Learn the hula? Get a lomi-lomi massage? Find out how to grow taro and catch fish hukilau-style? Find out more about traditional Hawaiian arts?
What's happening at the University of Hawai`i this fall here on O`ahu as well as on the Big Island? Maui? Kaua`i? Where can I get non-credit course catalogues for UH as well as for the three private universities here in Hawai`i? What new exhibits are coming to the Bishop Museum? To the Honolulu Museum of Arts? Where are some of the smaller galleries throughout Hawai`i located?
How do I get tickets to plays & musicals? Touring productions? The Hawai`i International Film Festival which starts in late October, 2014? How about the smaller film venues which operate all year round? What BIG ROCK STARS & other contemporary artists are coming to Hawai`i in the next few months? Where can I find out about artistic & cultural events on the Neighbor Islands?
Where can I get more information about the world-class sporting events held throughout the year here in Hawai`i such as the Sony Open, the Pro Bowl, the Iron Man Triathlon, the Sheraton Hawai`i Bowl, the Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Basketball Classic, the Honolulu Marathon - as well as surfing compeitions? Whare are the best locations to watch the surfing contests? How do I get tickets for the University of Hawai`i regular season sporting events? Where can I learn to paddle an outrigger canoe? Play golf next to a (possibly) bubbling lava pit? Go horse-riding or hunting or catfishing or even skiing Hawaiian-style?
What parades and state fairs and cultural celebrations & festivals will be going on when I'll be here?

If you're going to stay in an expensive upscale hotel, your concierge will be able to help you. Similarly, most of the homestay bed & breakfast owners will be a great source of information. BUT - if you've booked into a vacation rental, camping site, or one of the lower-priced hotels, you're on your own as far as planning your activities.

Why not do your planning BEFORE you leave home!

HAWAI`I ECO-ACTIVITIES & TOURS HEA&Ts up your Hawai`i vacation of a lifetime with its listings of ongoing & annual nature-based & cultural activities, programs, fairs, festivals, exhibits & artistic performances.

All of our private sector referrals are owned by local residents who are committed to operating environmentally sound & sustainable visitor industry businesses.

We can also provide information about how to find locally-owned gift shops, retail stores & restaurants, alternative health services, and even special sports events. NOTE: We do not receive any financial or in-kind benefits for these services. We are doing this to support local businesses and non-profits as part of Hawai`i's economic diversification.

HEA&T referrals includes travel agencies, reservations services, and tour packagers who are also Hawai`i Ecotourism Association members because they provide personalized services to clients who need them in making travel arrangements.

HEA&T won't handle any financial transactions, make any of the arrangements, or provide you with brochures & flyers about specific activities or events. We act strictly as a clearinghouse for information and let you deal directly with the organization or company. All of our referrals are based upon first-hand knowledge.

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