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Aloha & Welcome to Hawai`i:

Of course, we want you to visit with us....BUT....we do caution you to be sensitive to the fact that Hawai`i is NOT a budget traveler's destination - and never will be.
There are only two ways to get here and neither is cheap. This is reflected in the accommodations types & prices available to our guests.

In other words, we have no motels nor do we have many small urban or country inns nor lots of licensed & legal bed & breakfasts and vacation rentals like most other vacation areas around the world which can be reached by car or by bus. You definitely cannot ship your RV here because there is no place to park it.
If you're planning to stay in Waikiki and go out on fossil-fueled day trips either in rental cars or large tour buses, then one of the most important things to know is that most hotels are not on the beach nor even directly across from it. However, no hotel nor time-share is more than a five-to-seven-minute walk away from a Waikiki beach. Therefore, go for price rather than location if you plan to stay in Waikiki.

It's also important to note that an increasing number of travelers - especially repeat visitors - simply bypass O`ahu altogether because they assume that everything on O`ahu looks like high-rise Waikiki - which, of course, it doesn't. There is so much to do & see & experience here on O`ahu that you'll be sorry to have skipped it.
Still, if it's your choice to go directly to Maui or Kaua`i or the Island of Hawai`i, this means you may have plenty of hotel rooms and vacation rentals available - sometimes at deeply-discounted rates depending upon the time of year.

HOWEVER, for those of you who are eager to experience the Other O`ahu, there are alternative accommodations to staying in a high-rise hotel in Waikiki or a high-end mega-resort.
A word of caution: Bed & breakfast operations and transient vacation unit rentals on O`ahu are not welcome in many communities outside of Waikiki proper or in the high-end resort areas at Turtle Bay and Ko Olina. Non-resort visitor accommodations set up after December, 1989, are illegal and are not allowed to become legal. That's not a typo - no licenses on O`ahu for facilities outside of resort areas have been issued for 24+ years.
Meanwhile, the City & County of Honolulu has spent a lot of time over the past decade on whether to ramp up enforcement - despite the downturn in tax revenues from 2007 through 2012. No decision was reached because the policy-makers - like the general public - are split on these issues.
Still, there are volunteer B&B/Vacation Rental Police groups who go after these "illegal operations" with the idea of forcing them out of business by reporting them to the authorities. Any house with a rental car parked in the driveway is likely to be turned in - even if the folks are visiting family members or the residents have their own car in the shop for repairs.
In fact, the B&B/Vacation Rental Police filed a complaint against the mainland owner of an incredible beachfront property in Kailua (O`ahu) for renting it to President Barack Obama and his family five times (2008/2009/2010/2011/2012) during the December holiday season. The enforcing agency within the City & County of Honolulu issued at least three fines against the property owner who quickly paid them.
No legal action has yet been filed against the (new) owners with respect to Obama's 2013 vacation rental.

Licensed B&B operators - most of whom are now living on Social Security & savings - now number fewer than 60 on O`ahu. By 2025, virtually all legal B&B operations on O`ahu are likely to be gone forever - unless the laws are changed.
NOTE: The licensing issues are going to be on the City Council agenda(s) starting by September, 2014. At least six of the nine members support the concepts.

As for current illegal vacation rentals which are defined as accommodations in which the property owners live elsewhere, the best guestimate from reliable sources is that there are around 2400 properties in operation out of the 435,000 housing units on O`ahu.

For the time being, if you want to stay in a B&B or a vacation rental, be sure to ask if it is legal and licensed. If it is not and you still want to stay there, you might want to consider booking a hotel room in Waikiki just in case your first choice is shut down by the City in response to complaints filed by the B&B/vacation rental police.
The situation is different on the other islands where B&Bs are often seen as a signficant way of keeping out large-scale development and, at the same time, both types of vacation rentals help support the local economy.


Interested in getting to know local folks and learning more about Hawai`i's many unique cultures?

Want to get away from traffic and high-rises and spend your vacation beside a waterfall or on a secluded beach or at a working coffee farm?

Do making new friends and going on exciting adventures rate high in your vacation plans?

Is a safe place to stay just as important as convenience to shopping and urban night life?

Are you a traveler interested in patronizing locally-owned businesses which subscribe to responsible & ethical ecotourism principles?


Finally, would you like to save some money on lodging during your Hawaiian Dream Trip?


If you've answered YES to any of these questions, then let us at KA HALE NA HO`OKIPA help you find just the right place to stay.
With this COMPLIMENTARY service offered to visitors, we can put you in touch with environmentally responsible small businesses located all across Hawai`i. All you have to do is send us an e-mail to biz@hoku.com and tell us what island(s) you'd like to visit, the type of accommodations you want, your general budget, and your proposed travel dates.
NOTE: There is no charge to any reservation service or rental agency either. We offer this free service in order to attract visitors who will truly appreciate what Hawai`i has to offer.
However, many reservation services will charge a small setup fee for using their services as well as collect a percentage of the nightly accommodations fee so please inquire as to what you will be paying for the service before you sign anything.
By the way, most of our referrals are members of the HAWAII ECOTOURISM ASSOCIATION, a professional association which supports strongly the principles of responsible, sustainable, and locally-owned & managed adventure travel, nature-based, cultural, health, and sports ecotourism.
The KA HALE NA HO`OKIPA Directory is an easy way for visitors like yourself who are planning a business trip or the vacation of a lifetime to find people like us without having to thrash through dozens of listings on search engines.
We look forward to working with you so that your dream vacation is NO KA `OI - The Best!

PO BOX 6366
Kane`ohe, HI 96744
Voicemail: 808/247-6366 ext.3#
E-Mail: biz@hoku.com

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